Flushable Wet Wipes

Keeping the Environment Safe and Clean with Flushable Wet Wipes

The global wet wipes market has become the talk of the year due to the whopping numbers in both consumption and manufacturing of the products. The industry partly owes its success to the global pandemic that has considerably increased personal hygiene awareness. Among other reasons are convenience, multifunctionality, and accessibility.

They have a wealth of applications, and for each, there’s a new type—you can find baby wipes for diapering, makeup removers, medical wipes, body wipes, and more.

While it’s hard to imagine our lives without these household essentials, they can cause severe environmental damages that manufacturers need to prevent. The most feasible solution to cut down on ecological waste is opting for flushable wet wipes.

Let’s dive deeper to see the science behind the flushable and what makes them harmless for the environment.

What are Flushable Wipes Made of?

The problem with non-flushable wet wipes is that most of them are made of spunlace that features a combination of different fibers. They include microplastic fibers that are non-biodegradable.

Simply put, these products cannot be flushed; otherwise, they will cause blockages that are a severe threat to the natural world.

Raising awareness of the problem, more and more brands are shifting to eco-friendly and flushable wipes manufacturing. The main difference is that flushable wipes are plastic-free and plant-based alternatives that are biodegradable—they should break down similarly to toilet paper. Their easily flushable composition makes them safe for the sewerage system.

The Latest Technological Innovations on the Environment

Most of the wet wipes labeled flushable are composed of natural and renewable materials that do not contain chemical binders. The latest technologies used to produce environmental-friendly fabric for wipes imply a process that’s fully compliant with the EDANA/INDA standards. The guidelines of the nonwoven industry associations and the water research associations provide recommendations on the flushability (IWSFG) of the products. According to these standards, flushable wipes undergo a comprehensive testing process to correspond to the respective guidelines.

There are different techniques applied to the manufacturing of wet wipes that you can flush down the toilet. Brands go for various methods, but the truth is the latest technological advancements are behind the industries’ success. Partnering up with sewerage system specialists, the industry tried to develop and promote the safest way of production. Manufacturers, thus, strive to achieve complete biodegradability by applying techniques.

Are There Flushable Wet Wipes?

While some brands are trying to make the world a better place by manufacturing wet wipes that are safe for both your health and the environment, others are infamous for labeling “flushable” wipes that are actually non-flushable. A great number of tests have revealed that a higher percentage of such products has proven to be non-flushable.

However, false labeling doesn’t change the fact that they can still cause sewer blockages and be terrible for the environment. Although they tend to break down, they do not fully degrade.

EDANA/INDA are taking serious steps to prevent the spread of such brands. Meanwhile, you can try to help the industry too. One way is to stop flushing wet wipes altogether, but if you still need to, make sure you go for the brands that are trustworthy and have all the qualifications to label their products as flushable.

Check the ingredients and learn more about the techniques used for manufacturing before you purchase and flush wet wipes. Once you make sure that the product has ingredients that are truly flushable and biodegradable go ahead to send them down the toilet.

The industry is making all the effort to ensure you’re safe to use the products that have become a home essential to thousands. Make responsible choices while purchasing wet wipes to contribute to a safer environment while using your favorite products.