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Laboratoire Naturel is a Swiss company manufacturing wipes, other personal care products and spunlace of the highest quality.
We are
Curiously Ambitious
Over the last 25 years, we have developed hundreds of private label products for over 82 international brands. The secret to our service is our drive for success. We don’t see ourselves as just a contract manufacturer, but as a partner in the growth of your brand and business.
We have a dynamic international team that has its hand on the pulse of the personal care market for sourcing, development and branding.

We are always searching for the latest trends and technologies, to make pure and efficacious products that consumers will flock to, at affordable costs.

This allows us to stand at the forefront of innovation and create the ultimate care of the future.

The secret to our service is our drive for success.
Laboratoire Naturel – wipes manufacturing

Our services

Contract Manufacturing
From ideation to manufacturing, packaging, and branding, we do it all. We produce hygiene and care wipes for personal use, for babies, and for the home, following the most rigorous procedures.
Spunlace Manufacturing
We produce spunlace material for all application categories, from personal care and hygiene to home and healthcare. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we place an emphasis on producing biodegradable spunlace material.
Our Own Brands
We have put our vast experience and innovative technologies to new use by launching our own sustainable brand, Edelbloom: safe, pure and effective skincare products for babies and their parents.

Our Values

Our values guide us through every action we take, ensuring we deliver high-quality products. United as a team, we pursue all projects with a sense of curiosity and daring to consistently grow and deliver quality results.
We are stringent in always following our morals and communicating honestly with each other and the world.
We carry out every action and communication to its fullest and to the best of our abilities.
We dare to challenge the status quo at every opportunity in order to find new and innovative ways to succeed.
We never stop learning, and always seek out new knowledge and discoveries.
We never lose sight of our purpose and aim to achieve our goals in all of our actions.


International Certifications
and Approvals

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FSC C158327
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TUV ISO 9001:2015
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Conformity to EU Requirements