Contract Manufacturing with Laboratoire  Naturel

Contract Manufacturing with Laboratoire Naturel

The global wet wipes market is undoubtedly the industry many want to dabble in. More and more companies are joining the craze to drive some eyeballs to their product and stand out in the market. Given that the consumption numbers are growing, the competition is getting more fierce out there.

To keep pace and live up to the market hype, you’ll need to have a trustworthy manufacturer to support you on your journey. Choosing a good manufacturer is crucial if you want to meet the standards of today’s industry, which strives to cut down on the environmental damage wet wipes can cause.

If you’re looking to find innovation, resources, and accessibility in one place, Laboratoire Naturel is the manufacturer that will resonate with your values and production demands.

Laboratoire Naturel makes sure you have the fully-fledged package of services at your disposal to bring your ideal product to life. While opting for Laboratoire Naturel, you get a manufacturer and a partner in one.

Manufacturing with Laboratoire Naturel Means:

Innovative Solutions

Manufacturing hygiene products that are safe for the environment takes resources and technology. With Laboratoire Naturel, you’ll have the complete range of materials, formats and lotions to come up with safe and innovative solutions for your products.

While products such as wet wipes, baby wipes, makeup removals have become an essential part of our daily life, they can be a considerable threat to the environment. Producing eco-friendly alternatives to these handy items has been a top priority for the industry. As biodegradable and eco-friendly products require specific resources and techniques, you’ll need a manufacturer that can afford the quality and safety with state-of-the-art technology. We offer exactly what you need and beyond—our in-house cutting-edge spunlace production.

Laboratoire Naturel also boasts a wide range of formulas and materials. You can choose based on your product type and application. Given that the global wet wipe market has strict industrial and medical regulations, you’ll need to choose your formula wisely.

Wide Range of Products

Wet wipes, baby wipes, facial wipes and other essentials of the kind have an overwhelming number of applications and types. You will need to find a manufacturer that will have you covered no matter what type you want to produce.

Laboratoire Naturel offers spunlace manufacturing that will give you the flexibility you need. This non-woven fabric is a household name when it comes to personal care and hygiene products. Combined with high-quality fibres and the latest spunlace technology, Laboratoire Naturel can tackle every product manufacturing with ultimate confidence.

Produce whatever you fancy—everything from strong and thick formulas to soft biodegradable wipes.

Custom and Unique Products

Intimate, Antibacterial, healthcare, home care, beauty, baby care, all-purpose cleaning and beyond—at Laboratoire Naturel, we ensure that all types of products are tailor-made for your company. We want, can and absolutely will customize your product and manufacturing experience.

Thorough consultation and planning are an essential part of our partnership so that we can manufacture products that have unique formulas and meet your needs. The in-house design and branding team of Laboratoire Naturel strives to make everything from labelling to packaging resonate with your values and company identity.

Independent Testing in Laboratories

To make sure your products do not bring the consumers convenience and happiness at the expense of a safe environment, Laboratoire Naturel offers independent testing in laboratories in Switzerland.

Imagine having a 100% safe and tested product that is fully compliant with EDANA/INDA standards. With Laboratoire Naturel, you don’t need to compromise your quality or profit to keep the plant safe and green.

This is just a quick preview of why you need to partner up with Laboratoire Naturel to manufacture your ideal product. Take your first steps with the manufacturer that shares your values and integrity.